EKKM’s collection is a distinctive collection of works of contemporary art in various material and non-material form – objects, ideas, agreements, details etc.

Around the time the idea of EKKM was conceived, the idea of its collection began to take shape as well – by definition, a collection is central to defining an institution as a museum. EKKM’s collection, just as every living collection is in the constant process of becoming and changing, both for conceptual and purely material reasons.

Among material reasons – the poor storing conditions of the collections as well as a complete lack of budget. Among conceptual reasons, we can include the amorphous collecting principles of EKKM but also the fact that each thorough inventory of the collections has led to a rethinking of the institution’s activities and a change of direction. The most notable of these include the 2011 “Museum files I: Collected Principles” and the 2021 “A rescripted visit to EKKM’s collections“.

In 2021, EKKM’s collection consists of 33 individual titles by 28 different authors and Marco Laimre’s subcollection.