JIM, Triple Portrait, 2009.
JIM, Triple Portrait, 2009.


“Triple Portrait”, 2009

photo sculpture, 3 glass panes, 100 x 120 cm

JIM is the common denominator of three artists – Johannes Säre, Iti Kasser and Maido Juss – officially registered by the state registry key 80283354. The artwork was initially created for the three artists’ solo exhibition in the Draakon Gallery and later took an iconic role in EKKM’s bar, where it was unfortunately destroyed in the course of active partying. By now, the piece has been restored. The Triple-portrait consists of the three artists’ portraits printed on glass and placed one behind the other to form a strange androgyne. This is a self portrait by JIM, the person – a mix of three artists to form a single being. This method is reflective of the group’s co-creating process, a symbiosis of world-views from three different artists.

The piece has been donated to EKKM’s collection by it’s authors.

Johannes Säre: ‘JIM’s triple-portrait was created while preparing for our first serious exhibition, the solo exhibition of the three of us at the Draakoni Gallery. Since I had worked at a printing shop where they also printed onto rigid materials prior to joining the photo department, an idea surfaced to create something in this technique. At some point we tested on some Plexiglas and finally went to the studio to create proper portraits to be printed on three 1 x 1,2m panes of glass. Since we had never ordered glass before we ended up with unground glass, sharp as razors, and ended up working twice as hard as needed – had we only known how to ask for the right thing.’