Johannes Säre NEONazi, 2009
Johannes Säre NEONazi, 2009
Johannes Säre NEONazi, 2009

Johannes Säre

NEONazi“, 2009

photo sculpture

The photo sculpture NEONazi by Johannes Säre parodies the neo-Nazi stereotype by transforming the right-wing extremist, usually dressed in military or neutral tones, into a colorful macho. This change of colors diminishes all threat and credibility and shows just how much the color of someone’s clothes affects people’s first impression of them. The artwork was completed during the time when Tallinn was shook by Pronksiöö riots, which made these questions raised by NEONazi ironically relevant.

Deposited at EKKM by the owner of the work, Allan Ehasalu.

Johannes Säre: “On the one hand NEONazi was created due to an obligation to finish a task at school, on the other hand it was the desire and need to shift already fixed notions. At the time when I was doing this picture there were riots in Tallinn and my prearranged model, who had more extreme views than the average, had vanished into thin air. Luckily these (pink) boots fitted perfectly to a friend of mine, who happened to come by the school on the day I was to take the photo and the shoot was rescued. Finally, having seen the result, I was very happy and jet again my odd sense of humor had manifested itself in one of my artworks. “