OÜ Visible Solutions

“Clarity: an exterior area of an interior space”, 2010

interactive installation (wood, Plexiglas, noise, sound, lightbox)

3000x2000x2050 mm

Since OÜ Visible Solutions moved to KUMU for the summer to develop new products, they donated one of last year’s prototypes – Clarity: an exterior area of an interior space – to CAME. To quote the KUMU press release, “OÜ Visible Solutions is a work of art/enterprise, which operates on the edge between the economic and artistic fields, by examining them as ideologized spaces and language environments; and if one is located between them, one can interpret phenomena and concepts from one to the other. The group deals with the main principles of modern economic space, by using creative industries and processes based thereon as the primary analytical material. The group examines the new global symptoms of all-inclusive neo-liberal economic logic.”