Greatest Hits



Within the framework of the exhibition project “Greatest hits” the curator Evelyn Raudsepp has invited six other Estonian curators to choose one artwork they long to revisit or that feels particularly relevant to them in the current moment. The exhibition thus forms a mixtape featuring the work of several highly regarded international artists. A personal touch is added to the project by letters written to the artists of their choice by the curators.

“”Which artwork do you miss the most?” I asked six curators who have the habit of keeping up with contemporary art on an international and regular basis – a habit that had been halted during the pandemic. Even though one crisis has been replaced by another since the question was asked, I still have faith in the relevance and urgency of contemporary art. In order to look into the personal foundations of this urgency, I asked the curators to address the artists in a letter by explaining why they chose this particular work and why they would like to revisit the artwork in the present moment, ” Raudsepp explains.

Since, on the one hand, the curators had the task to choose an artwork that could be exhibited in conditions of restrictions, and on the other hand, for several curators the first emotional response to the question was a video work, the exhibition turned out to be an audio-visual compilation.

The exhibition-album “Greatest hits” featuring the selection of six curators was followed by an opening track of Raudsepp’s personal choice. The compilation of seven works allows each work to preserve its singularity and gives the visitor a chance to design their own experiential journey, chording their own associations. The variety of the works reflects the different interests of the curators, as well as the highlights they want to call attention to in the contemporary world.

The opening party takes place on June 17 at 6 pm in the EKKM garden. The exhibition will remain open from June 18 to August 7.

The exhibition is supported by: Estonian Ministry of Culture, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Tallinn’s Culture & Sports Department, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, French Institute of Estonia, Akzo Nobel AS.

Thank you: Estonian Academy of Arts, Vabamu, Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn Art Hall, Kai Art Center, Kanuti Gildi SAAL.

Public program:

Talk with curators,

Performance Sunday

with Michelangelo Miccolis & nick von kleist,



Jonna Kina "Secret words and related stories",

Discussion panel

"Moving images in the grey zone: video works in exhibition halls and artworks in cinemas",