Performance Sunday with Michelangelo Miccolis & nick von kleist

You’re welcome to join EKKM’s performance Sunday, where three projects from two international artists will be performed. As an exeption, the museum stays open until 22.00.

The Performance Sunday is part of the exhibition “Greatest Hits”, on view until 7th of August.

___17.00 Michelangelo Miccolis WHO CARES: Notes on how to address an audience: A performance journal, 1992–2017 (2019)
___20.00 Michelangelo Miccolis The Desire to Make Sense (2015-2022)
___ongoing nick von kleist non-playable-bodies (2019– )

WHO CARES: Notes on how to address an audience – A performance journal, 1992 – 2017 (2019)
Duration 25min
WHO CARES: Notes on how to address an audience – A performance journal, 1992-2017, explores Michelangelo Miccolis’ intertwined roles as performer, curator, producer and care-taker of performance work, asking not only who cares about performance but questioning the relationships and standards held by those participating in, and engaged with, performance.
Previous presentations include: osloBIENNALEN FIRST EDITION 2019-2024 (Kunsternes Hus, Karthoum Contemporary Art Center KCAC, Kulturhuset, Dansens Hus), Oslo (NO); Index Art Book Fair, Kurimanzutto, Mexico City (MX), Mattatoio, Roma (IT), Shedhalle, Zurich (CH).

The Desire to Make Sense (2015-2022)
Duration: 45min
I’ve been invited to restage a performance from when I was young and even more naive. Back when I developed this work, I was experiencing a state of possibility, I had just moved back to my birth place in Mexico City, leaving everything I knew behind. I was trying to make sense of my practice. I was trying not to care.

Seven years later, I have developed a practice based on relationships, assuming a state of rehearsal as a mode of resistance. I’m still not interested in dramaturgy.

During quarantine and a longer than average self-imposed lockdown, I kept dancing mostly every day on my own, often returning to this playlist. I’ve been tempted to choreograph a precise score for it, but then again it always felt like an exercise in style. I’m not interested in any imposed form of training. Fuck tradition, I like dancing, I’m a weird mover and I’m not trained, yet I am, under my own very personal method.

So, sit back, get a drink, dance with me if you like. This is a rehearsal and it will always remain so.
Previous presentations include: Cine Tonalá, Mexico City (MX); Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venice (IT); paf – Performing Arts Forum, St. Erme (FR); Volvo Studio Milano, Milan (IT)

non-playable-bodies (2019– )
nvk’s most recent work the future city germinated as a verse narrative, growing into virtual, performative & material works. non-playable-bodies lives within the future city’s context, as both an NPC (non-playable-character) & virtual plant, the non-playable-bodies metamorphosize constantly with an agency beyond their algorithm.

Michelangelo Miccolis (1981, Mexico) is an arts practitioner based between Zurich and Mexico City, whose performance-based practice extends into various formats, from participatory workshops to writing, production and curation. He is the founder and curator of IMMATERIAL, an annual performance program at Material Art Fair in Mexico City, since 2017. From 2017–19, he was guest-curator for Cabaret Voltaire (CH), later joining Shedhalle Zurich’s new curatorial board in Spring 2020. In Autumn 2020, Miccolis began a collaboration with artist Cally Spooner as visiting Professors of Performance Studies for the MA Program at Iuav University, Venice (IT).

Since 2005, Miccolis has worked internationally as a performer, curator, and/or producer on projects by renowned artists and institutions including: Dora García, Tino Sehgal, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Carlos Amorales, Romeo Castellucci & Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, La Biennale di Venezia, Fondazione Trussardi, Tate Modern, Palais de Tokyo, Museo Reina Sofia, Gropius Bau and Centre d’Art Contemporain Geneva.

nvk // nick von kleist (1991, New York) is a queer artist, fluctuating between poet, producer, performer, & archive. nvk uses process & drag as a method & carrier bag for language to trace, root, & redistribute what has been collected, seen & archived into a repertoire to be rehearsed, repeatedly.
nvk has recently had a solo exhibition at flatmarkus (Zurich) entitled, the future city (2022); two plants are colliding at Lateral Roma (2021), a collaboration with Lyn Diniz (Mama Lynch); and A Walk in the Park (2019) at PS120 (Berlin). Currently acting as the Managing Director of IMMATERIAL, the recurring performance program founded by Michelangelo Miccolis at Mexico City’s Material Art Fair. Producing the recent exhibitions Are you coming? (2022), and You’re So Busy (2021 at Shedhalle (Zurich) and as the Production Manager of the Shedhalle’s virtual greenroom “the SHED”.
Other recent and ongoing collaborations include: performative collaborations with Dora García, Autumn Knight’s Letto, and OFFSHORE, initiated by artist Cally Spooner taking shape as a course within IUAV’s (Venice) Masters program. Past collaborations include Ingo Niermann’s Army of Love, Mette Edvardsen’s Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine. nvk has worked as a producer of performance at various institutions including MoMA, Lincoln Center, the Park Avenue Armory and the Rubin Museum of Art. Recently published in (&&& Publishing) and is currently enrolled in the Transdisciplinary Studies Program at The New Centre.