ThirdSpace/EKKM: (Non)Institutions & Their Role In The Art World

From Tuesday 18th of July, until the end of the exhibition “Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia” on the 19th of July, the Helsinki-based collective Third Space will take over the Auditorium of EKKM with both artistic and discursive events.

Tuesday 18.7.2017
From 17:00/5pm – Artistic intervention

We start the first day with a short introduction and continue with several performances:
Interrupted Cosiness, a Sound-Poem installation by Rosamaria Bolom
Live-Collage-Music Performance by Martina Adela & Aman Askarizad
Sound Performance by Humanimal (Ana Gutieszca & Lora Dimova)

Wednesday 19.7.2017
From 17:00/5pm – Panel discussion

Together with artists, curators and experts we debate the role of alternative spaces and institutions in the world: “what is “New Institutionalism” today? What do we actually expect from an art institution and what do we want it to stand for? What desires does an institution in the art field produce? How audience is built through institutions and alternative spaces while most institutions actively work through branding and striving for consumer audience considering the work of art as a mere object within the process, what sort of dialogue can exist between these two spaces approaching the audience considering the critical views. Can the today’s institution be rooted and engaged with sociopolitical movement in the society and in relation to the world? What is the future of art and its institutions in your opinion?

Participants in the debate are Sepideh Rahaa, Teemu Mäki, Martina Adela, Anders Härm, Maarin Ekterman, Marten Esko.

Keywords and reference points for the discussion
power structure, collectivity, artist-run space, self-organized practices, connection to the society, temporality, community, funding systems and alternatives, subversive discourses.


THIRD SPACE presents performances by Runo- Koe & Sound Room.

The Transparent Accent
Aman Askarizad (IR) / Martina Miño Pérez (ECU)

The Transparent Accent explores the various forms that identity can take through the inevitable movement of bodies and the consequences of this movement. It is a metaphorical dialogue between visual and musical rhythms and forms that create fragmented meanings towards identity.

HUMANIMAL is an experimental music performance duo that focuses on the human-animal relation through sound and image. The incorporated aesthetics bring attention to the politics and poetics of a less anthropocentric world where the inner animal is unleashed, being aware of its own powerful symbolic nature.
HUMANIMAL is Lora Dimova & Ana Gutieszca.

INTERRUPTED COSINESS is a sonic-poem dealing with politics, words, manipulation and transgression caused by Trump’s words which begin to interrupt everyday life.
Poem: Rosamaría Bolom
Sonic landscape: Miguel Cortes
Voices: Rosamaría Bolom (Spanish), Ville Rekula (Finnish), Petra Haapio (English).
Translation to English & Finnish: Anne Ketola
Translation to Estonian: Ingrid Amarouche


About Third Space

Third Space is a collective seeking to unsettle preconceived notions of the other. As cross border transcultural operatives we seek to erase the invisible lines that separate us. Third Space was born out of the necessity: the lack of accessible spaces for the politically and economically underrepresented margins of the Finnish art scene. This necessity manifested: the creation of an open space where artists, educators, curators, social thinkers and different audiences come to reflect upon current issues that affect us as a society – including but not limited to race, ethnicity, cultural background, socio-economic class structures, gender, sexuality.

About EKKM

EKKM (Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia) is a self-established non-profit initiative, that situates itself somewhere between official state-run institutions and artist-run-do-it-yourself venues. It is an unconventional concept of a contemporary art museum that works towards producing, exhibiting, collecting and popularizing local and international contemporary art while altering the prevailing working methods of established art institutions. It is a tool of self-establishment for younger generation artists, curators and art students.