Art Off The Air (AOTA) 12. mail

[Sündmus leiab aset inglise keeles]

Art Off The Air (AOTA)

May 12 at 5pm at EKKM’s Café

Presenters: Kim Modig & Marina Valle Noronha
Format: Talk & discussion
Tagline: Art today consumes too much from our bodies
Target audience: Precarious art professionals in ‘off-site’ cities

Anxiety, fear, relaxation, groundlessness, immobility, motion sickness: These are some of the emotions and motions we import and export when we travel for art with our bodies. Often, we want to get back already before arrival. But then, do we ever arrive? Is every trip a promise of a change that never comes? Why do we travel for art?

C02 emissions are a problem, yes. But even if we could potentially zero out our carbon footprint, would professional art travel still make any sense? Who wants to live through 200 plus artworks in an art fair or a museum? Or attend to artist talks on weekly or even monthly basis? Who do you really wanna hang out with, your friends or a curator in town for studio visits? What kind of body and life one must possess to survive the art consumption games?

Our AOTA talk, and subsequent report, bring together those with frequent flyer points, and the ones who monitor the situation from home. It’s time to move on from being either in or out. We should not be defined based on what goes down in some global art hotspots, and whether we were there. Mobility is a privilege forced on everyone.

Are you tired? We are. Every exhibition feels too big, and every trip unnecessary except the ones you make for love.

We want to stay in, not check out. We want the kind of art world any body can handle.

Length: 30-45mins + discussion for max. 1 hour. We will most def. not network until 2:46am, but it’d be nice to meet and talk for a bit if it feels right, without pressure.

Bills were paid by: Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR)
In collaboration with: EKKM, Tallinn and CAC, Vilnius

Further reading: a .pdf report of the same title will be published and made available online in early June 2019.

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