28 April 2012 — 10 June 2012


KÖLER PRIZE 2012 @EKKM Johnson ja Johnson Johnson ja Johnson Johnson ja Johnson Marge Monko Marge Monko Marge Monko Marge Monko Marge Monko Marge Monko Marge Monko Flo Kasearu Ekraaniproovid Köler Prize´ile / Screen Tests For Köler Prize Marko Mäetamm Marko Mäetamm Marko Mäetamm Marko Mäetamm Margus Tamm Margus Tamm Margus Tamm Margus Tamm Margus Tamm Margus Tamm Flo Kasearu Margus Tamm MArgus Tamm Johnson ja Johnson Johnson ja Johnson KÖLER PRIZE 2012 @EKKM



Opening of the exhibition on SATURDAY, 28th of April at 6 pm

The Köler Prize is an art prize that was founded by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia (EKKM) in 2011 for the purpose of popularizing contemporary art and singling out important artists and groups on the local art scene. Every year, five artists or art groups of Estonian descent or permanently residing in Estonia are nominated based on their work during the last three years. The nominees for the 2012 Köler Prize are Johnson ja Johnson, Flo Kasearu, Marge Monko, Marko Mäetamm and Margus Tamm. The artists submit two works of their own choosing to the exhibition. One work that has been exhibited previously, preferably produced during the last three years, which could be considered to be a work that defines the artist’s practice. The other should be a new work that is produced especially for the Köler Prize or one that has not been previously exhibited in Estonia. An international panel of judges, including last year’s winner, will choose the winner of the Köler Prize based on the works in the exhibition and the artist’s portfolio. The public will also have the opportunity to choose its favorite at the exhibition. Thus, the main award and the public’s choice award will be announced at the gala to take place on May 26th. Thereafter, the exhibition will remain open for two weeks. The nominee’s exhibition provides an opportunity to highlight not only the winner but also the other artists. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia also recommends that the work and future progress of these artists be followed very carefully.
In the local context, the Köler Prize is special because the prize is accompanied by a nominees’ exhibition and it is awarded based largely on a successful presentation at this exhibition. Like last year, the Köler Prize is again sponsored by Smarten Logistics and the Public’s Choice Award by the Temnikova & Kasela Gallery in cooperation with the LAWIN law firm.
This year is the second time that the Köler Prize will be awarded. In 2011, the Grand Prix was won by Jevgeni Zolotko and Tõnis Saadoja won the Public’s Choice Award.


Press release compiled by
Anders Härm
Member of the Board of EKKM

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The exhibition is supported by Estonian Culture Endowment and Ministry of Culture of Estonia