28 May 2016

Laura Põld was awarded the Köler Prize 2016 Grand Prix and the People’s Choice Award went to Art Allmägi

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The winners of Köler Prize 2016 were announced yesterday evening, the 27th May, at the gala that took palce at EKKM. The winner of Köler Prize 2016 Grand Prix is Laura Põld.

The Grand Prix, consisting of 7000 euros and a brooch designed by Ketli Tiitsar and Anneli Tammik, was presented to the winner by Armin Kõomägi, chairman of the council of Smarten Logistics, the general sponsor of Köler Prize.


The winner was determined by an international jury consisting of: Anu Vahtra (Winner of 2015 Köler Prize Grand Prix), Julija Fomina (Curator at the Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius), Jussi Koitela (Finnish curator and visual artist), Jörg Heiser (Co-editor of Frieze magazine) and Katja Mater (Dutch visual artist and editor of Girls Like Us).


The Jury accounted for it’s decision as follows: “After a long and thorough discussion of a strong field of contenders in the Köler Prize art award, the Jury has unanimously decided to award the Köler Prize 2016 Grand Prix to Laura Põld.

The artist presented two works, one a pre-existing work entitled The Night Your Mate Danced Like A Tree (2014) involving an intricate installation of tall, curtain-like structures made of fabric and plywood along with a subtle electronic sound piece. Her piece especially conceived for the characteristically tilted loading ramp of the EKKM (Beam caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate, a second before awakening, 2016) boldly altered the experience of a very peculiar space, working with the existing structure as well as adding elements alien to it.

The Jury appreciated the artist’s open and receptive approach to the exhibition circumstances, and her inventive and imaginative use of all kinds of materials, including ceramics, wood, fabrics, found objects, sculptural interventions into the architecture, working both with handmade as well as commissioned constructions. The Jury is confident of the great potential of Laura Põld’s energetic, versatile work.”


The People’s Choice Award, which is accompanied by 1500 euros, put forth by the architectural bureau SALTO, and a brooch designed by Ketli Tiitsar and Anneli Tammik, was awarded to Art Allmägi.


The exhibition of nominees at the EKKM will stay opened until the 5th of June.