11 April 2014

Flo Kasearu won this years Köler Prize

Flo Kasearu won this years Köler Prize
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Flo Kasearu won this years Köler Prize


Kasearu also won this years peoples choice award, so the vote of the jury and the audience coincided. The prize was given to artist at the gala on Saturday at EKKM.


Jury consisted of Anda Rottenberg, polish art historian and curator who acted as a chairperson of the jury, Johan Lundh, Swedish curator working in Berlin and Derry, currently the co-director of The Center of Contemporary Art in Derry, Mara Traumane Latvian art critic and curator, currently living in Berlin, artist Jevgeni Zolotko,  last years Köler Prize winner and Tõnis Saadoja last years Peoples Choice Award winner. Saadoja replaced previously announced jury member Marita Muukkonen  who due to health reasons had to cancel her trip to Tallinn


Jury brought up Kasearus fresh approach towards imaginative work, great creative potential and diverse art practice. Mentioned was her ability to choose suitable means of expressions for different types of ideas. Chairperson of the jury Anda Rottenberg said that “Kasearu unites in her work performative and video in a creative way. She is able to create public situations in a creative manner. Her intervention based strategy is interesting and intriguing that was well manifested also in the works presented at the exhibition of nominees”.


Jury also wanted to give honorary mention to Marge Monko for coherence of work and mature approach to the hot social topics.


The main sponsor of Köler Prize is Smarten Logistics, Peoples Choice Award is supported by

Gallery Temnikova & Kasela together with Lawin law firm.


The exhibition of nominees will remain open until 10th of June. More information www.ekkm.ee


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