July 10 at 8 pm: Screening of Tea, 1391 (Iranian calendar) by Mario Garcia Torres & artist talk

THURSDAY, July 10 at 8 pm @ EKKM



35mm film transferred to color HD video, sound ◊ 64 min.  In Dari, English, Spanish; English subtitles ◊  courtesy: Mario Garcia Torres & Jan mot Gallery, brüssel, mexico City

Tea is an essay film documenting an artistic gesture surrounding Alighiero Boetti’s One Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan. What does it mean to return to a place while visiting it for the first time? How can a guest become a host due to an arrival years later? How far, really, is Afghanistan from Mexico? These questions, as they pertain to the relationship between Boetti and Mario Garcia Torres, are considered in the film.

NB! prior to the screening artist talk with the author