Scent workshop at the exhibition Down in the Bog – Sporulation

Down in the Bog: Sporulation is an exhibition and a place for sharing and learning from the peatlands of Estonia and around the world, and argues for the need for increased attention and care. Slowly growing, like peat forming, this is a project-in-process. Along with the artworks on display, one can contemplate on the subject through workshops, tours and field trips that are also part of the exhibition. These activities build a multisensory experience where sound, touch and smell become central vessels for inspiration and knowledge.

On Saturday, 15 June at 17:00 visitors can join a scent workshop in the EKKM garden as part of the exhibition. In connection to his contribution to Ensayos’ The Gift of Scent, Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel will host a workshop on how one can use scent and technology relating to landscape. He will present some of his own scent works and share the processes and ideas behind them. Simon will talk about how one can practice and ‘train’ the nose to become more aware of the world around oneself. In particular, he will discuss Geosmin and how the generating of a ‘happiness hormone’ is something to be found in relation to rain, bacteria, soil and humidity. Humans often search in forests or mires to find peace and greater happiness. One of several components in achieving this result might actually be the presence of Geosmin, which is concentrated and present in nature areas.

The workshop will take place in English and last for approximately 2 hours. Admission free.