On the Night of Museums EKKM is open until 11pm

Saturday, May 20th is the Night of Museums.

The solo exhibition of Dénes Farkas, How-to-calm-yourself-after-seeing-a-dead-body Techniques, curated by Ingrid Ruudi, will be open until 11pm.

*The first tour of the exhibition takes place at 6pm with the exhibition’s curator Ingrid Ruudi and the artist Dénes Farkas.

*At 7pm there will be a presentation at the Café by Xan Sarah Chacko, a PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies at the University of California, Davis, as well as a collaborator in the exhibition’s catalogue. The topic of the presentation is: Screening Nature’s Potential: Care Practice in the Science of Saving Seeds.

*The second tour takes place at 8pm with EKKM’s manager Marten Esko.

More info about the Night of Museums can be found here.