KÖLER PRIZE 2014 kicks off! “Screen Tests for Köler Prize 2014” screens at cinema “Sõprus”

KÖLER PRIZE is coming soon!




at the cinema “Sõprus”

on Thursday, April 17

at  9.15 pm

NB! Film is in Estonian with English subtitles

Length 59’31’

KÖLER PRIZE is coming indeed and the kick off of the campaign like in previous years is the screening of the film “Screen Tests for Köler Prize 2014” introducing the nominees at the cinema “Sõprus”

Every year five artists or groups are nominated for the prize.  This years nominees are Jass Kaselaan, Kiwa, Kärt Ojavee, Johannes Säre and Visible Solutions LLC, who in this film analyse and discuss each others work. This way – cooking the nominees in their own juice – five portraits of the artists are created, five insights into their body of work is created. Film is an addition to the exhibition of the nominees at the EKKM taking place from April 26 – June 15

Film was made by  Anders Härm, Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo, Jevgeni Berežovski and Raul Tõnurist

Translation by Pearu Helenurm

Produced by EKKM, 2014


main sponsor of Köler Prize is SMARTEN LOGISTICS AS

Peoples choice award is donated by SALTO AB


Exhibition and the film are supported by Eesti Kultuurkapital, EV Kultuuriministeerium, Tallinna linn, EKA Fotoosakond, Orbital Vox, Downtown Studios

Special thanks to: Raul Aav, Jaan Laugamõts, Silvia ja Sosaar and Hanno Soans, Tallinna Botaanikaaed, Schlössle hotell