Finissage of the exhibition “shelter – sanctuary”

On the 6th of August the finissage of the exhibition “shelter – sanctuary” by the surprise curator – composer Helena Tulve – will take place.


14:00 Guided tour in English
15:00 Guided tour in Russian
16:00 Guided tour in Estonian

17:00 Composers Maria Kõrvits and Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes will join with Helena Tulve for a sound-based curator’s tour

The participating artists create moments with their artwork that allow us to rethink the familiar experience of objects and spaces. A journey grows out of the interconnection between the works, in which different materials of artistic creation such as textiles, paper, wood, sound, light, shadow begin to interact. In these situations, sometimes dislocated or amplified by sound, there is the possibility of noticing new connections with oneself, with the environment and with what is situated there.