Closure therapy

Sunday, June 4th is the last day of the international exhibition “Goodbye, East! Goodbye, Narcissus!”, curated by Tanel Rander. The exhibition examines East Europe as a collective consciousness in which a co-dependent relationship with a narcissistic abuser – the agressor state Russia – takes place. Through the works of seven artists, the exhibition unfolds this problematic relationship, as well as the nature of the narcissistic constellation that defines it. During the finissage event, we are looking at possibilities of healing and stopping the transmission of trauma.

For the closing of the exhibition, EKKM will remove the IDA (Estonian for EAST) sign that was installed on the museum roof in 2017 as part of Kirill Tulin‘s exhibition project, referencing the label OST (German for EAST) that had been removed from the roof of the Volksbühne theatre in Berlin. The EKKM building has been like a pedestal for this symbol of East Europe, which is currently incorporated into the work hol-IDA-y by the artist Sigrid Viir. As IDA is removed, Sigrid Viir’s installation in deconstructed version “hol_y” will remain on the roof top. The curator has written about the deconstruction in his text: when IDA disappeares, a holy void would remain and inevitably something else needs to replace it. At the finissage event we will discuss: How to fill the gap that remains? Or as the experience of East still weighs, how to live on with this identity?

Guided tours in three languages: 15:00 (RU), 16:00 (EN), 17:00 (ET)
18:00–19:30 Curator Tanel Rander in conversation (in Estonian) with psychoanalyst Ants Parktal, analysing whether and how it is possible to give up and to heal from collective trauma and narcissism.
All day long: Possibility of smashing crystal vases and bowls, for releasing emotions and repressed feelings. Bring your own crystal glasses, vases & bowls or use the ones we provide. Protective equipment available on site.

Featured artists: Svitlana Biedarieva (Ukraine/Mexico), Elo Liiv (Estonia), Holger Loodus (Estonia), Kateryna Lysovenko (Ukraine/Austria), Paulina Pukytė (Lithuania/England), Aliaxey Talstou (Belarus/Germany), Kirill Tulin (East/West)
Supporters: Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Cultural Capital and Tallinn Department of Culture and Sports