How to: live. Virtual Biographies



The exhibition takes place on the ground floor of EKKM.

Opening: September 28 at 6pm.

A guided tour with Marika Agu will take place on September 29 at 5pm. (in English)

Three artists – Ingrid Allik, Dre Britton and Laura Põld – display objects inspired by personal life and domestic spaces, calling on viewers to imagine what their biographies might be. The works presented at Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) make reference to contemporary sensibilities and ways of living, appearing as traces, which help to reconstruct everyday activities and living environments.

When we google answers to questions like how to build a bonfire, which dog breed best suits your personality, what to eat for dinner or what causes a particular health condition, it seems that every problem has a solution – you just have to know how to ask the question. Coping in the broader cultural and social sense is inevitably everyone’s own free choice and responsibility and is also dictated by the resources found in one’s own immediate environment. The objects on display have been created especially for this exhibition. They attempt to be effective through their usefulness, alas at this they fail. By displaying them in a museum, they are the reference point of something virtual – potential, imaginary – for which reason they are anything but useful.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, which includes documentation by Alan Proosa, pseudo-biographies and graphs depicting the life-line of the participating artists, compiled by artist Camille Laurelli. The catalogue is presented on November 4.

Graphic design: Aadam Kaarma & Sandra Kosorotova

Marika Agu (1989, Tallinn) is a curator and art critic. She has mostly worked with street artists by experimenting with different institutional contexts and Estonian contemporary art of 1990s. Currently she works in the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia where she focuses on updating and organising its archive.

Ingrid Allik (1958, Tallinn) is a ceramicist, who, in her multifaceted oeuvre relates personal memories and artefacts with ceramics. Within Estonia, Allik is an expert in raku – a ceramic firing technique originating in Japan.

Dre Britton (1991, Baltimore) is an artist with a background in painting, but who in his later oeuvre uses found materials and old furniture to make new multilevelled sculptures.

Laura Põld (1984, Vienna, Tallinn) is an artist who primarily works in multimedia environments, using painting, textile, wood, found objects, ceramics and video. In her work, she deals primarily with questions of perception of place and creating such perception, by using the particularities of the exhibition space in addition to material-sensitive and narrative elements.

Supporters and cooperation partners: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts, Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia, Estonian Artists’ Association.

Thanks to: Andres Allik, Ingrid Allik, Henri Eek, Katrin Enni, Made Evalo, Dénes Farkas, Katrin Hallas, Karel Koplimets, Hans-Otto Ojaste, Maria Port, Siim Preiman, Taavi Rei, Julia Rush, Kadri Villand, Raivo Väliste, John Winslow.

Additional information:

Marika Agu, curator of the exhibition
+372 53901578