Hier Nicht


The exhibition was ready by June 12. Due to unresolved bureaucracy regarding the venue, the exhibition is open as of June 18.

Contribution: Salme Dutt & Aphra Tesla

Graphic design: Margus Tamm

The first exhibition of EKKM’s 2020 exhibition season, Jevgeni Zolotko’s and Uwe Schloen’s Hier Nicht (tr. not here), is anything but a typical duo-show. It incorporates their earlier pieces, some new renditions, along with works developed specifically for the occasion – including also a new video-work contributed by Salme Dutt and Aphra Tesla.


The starting point for the exhibition, both conceptually as well as spatially, is Zolotko’s installation A Day in the Life of a National Archive Worker, initially produced for the first Köler Prize in 2011. This gives reason to consider the exhibition as a whole through figurative universals, such as ‘the little man’ and ‘the grand refusal’. The exhibition lends it title from an earlier body of work by Schloen, and even though associations with daily politics or various social circumstances can be drawn easily, Hier Nicht, as an exhibition, has grown out of something more deeply rooted – from, for example, the grand refusal of the little man.

Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Foundation for Arts Initiatives