Crawl out Through the Fallout


On 28 October at 18.00 EKKM opens a new group exhibition, Crawl out Through the Fallout, curated by Marco Laimre.

The thematic exhibition Crawl out Through the Fallout features five artists Camille Laurelli, Keiu Maasik, Marco Laimre, Martin Buschmann and Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo, who reflect on the experience of playing dystopian digital games in the context of a contemporary art exhibition.

The five artists are also active gamers and use a variety of media in their works, such as video, installation, photography and sound to conceptually analyse the phenomena of virtual/digital gaming, offering abstract and discursive communication between the two worlds of the “game” and “real life”.

The curator is interested in the question of the real in connection to digital gaming. At the core of the exhibition stand the expressions of the relationships between realism and reality and the protagonist and the player as well as the presence of imaginary material. As such, the exhibition looks at the ever-present questions of experiencing the real: who plays, where and how and what happens to reality during gaming.

For the exhibition, artist Martin Buschmann was commissioned to photograph different settings in the online game Fallout 76. Camille Laurelli presents an installation based on a game he created. In her documentary video Keiu Maasik interviews a female gamer, touching upon the question of gender equality in the field of professional digital gaming. Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo’s installation makes visible the sense of time in the game Fallout 4. Marco Laimre’s video looks at the life of Nina, the protagonist in Fallout 76 and his installations Nothing is Real analyses the relationship between the real and the imaginary.

The exhibition is part of Marco Laimre’s creative research for his PhD thesis Dystopian Digital Games and Contemporary Art. How to use Analytical Digital Gaming in Contemporary Art.

The exhibition is open from 28 October to 18 December 2022.

Read more about the works in the exhibition:

Marco Laimre’s curatorial position
Marco Laimre “Nothing is Real”
Camille Laurelli “Superliminal”
Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo “Postapocalyptic LOOP”
Keiu Maasik “One Match of Erangel”
Martin Buschmann “Appalachian Diaries 2104”

“Crawl out Through the Fallout” is the title of a song on Sheldon Allman’s 1960 compilation album “Folk Songs for the 21st Century People”, which is also featured on Fallout 4’s Diamond City Radio playlist.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the Culture and Sports Department of Tallinn, Akzo Nobel, Arvutitark OÜ, Pusku Pusku.

Public programme:

There will be guided tours in Estonian, Russian and English throughout the exhibition period.
Every second Thursday (3.11, 17.11, 1.12, 15.12) at 6 pm, talks and discussions will take place on the following topics (in Estonian):
“Digital Games and Addiction”
“Digital Games and Sound”
“Digital Games and Art”
“Digital Games and Cultural Impact”

Guided tour

in Estonian,

in Russian,

in English,


Digital Games and Cultural Impact,

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