Crawl out Through the Fallout


Crawl out Through the Fallout is a collaborative exhibition between the artists Marco Laimre, Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo, Martin Buschmann, Camille Laurelli and Keiu Maasik who showcase their experience of playing dystopian digital games through art and in the context of the contemporary art museum.

The artists use different technological mediums such as video installations, photography and sound to analyse the phenomena of virtual/digital gaming, offering abstract and discursive communication between the two worlds of the ‘game’ and ‘real life’. Uniquely, the exhibition is presented in the manner where the viewer can not only observe but also play. Three different difficulty levels are available: easy, master and nightmare.

Crawl out Through the Fallout is the second curatorial project in Marco Laimre’s creative research for his doctoral thesis “Dystopian Digital Games and Contemporary Art. How to use Analytical Digital Gaming in Contemporary Art”. The title of the exhibition references the country song written and performed by Sheldon Allman in 1960 that is part of the soundtrack in the edition Fallout 4.