Attention Figures


In late August, the museum presents Taavi Suisalu‘s installations, inspired by technology and digital communication, presented at his solo exhibition “Attention figures”. Suisalu has previously recorded volcanoes and out-of-commission satellites, composed sound pieces for lawn mowers, created connections between biological and digital ecosystems. With this project, his focus is on the changing perception of people’s self-image, influenced by technological developments.

Taavi Suisalu work manifests in interactive installations, performative situations and curatorial endeavors that blend traditional and contemporary sensibilities and activate peripheral spaces for imaginative encounters. Suisalu’s work balances between artistic and scientific approaches, studio and fieldwork and his practice is informed by phenomena of contemporary society and its relations to developments in technologies, being interested in the behaviour, perception and thinking of social beings.

Suisalu has recorded volcanoes and malfunctioning satellites, composed for lawnmowers, blended living and digital ecosystems, explored datafictions and discrepancies between digital immigrants and natives.