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Press release  8.10.2012

III Artishok Biennale opens on Wednesday October 10th

Artishok Biennale is an experimental exhibition format that was brought to life in 2008 in Tallinn, initiated by a vacuum in the noughties art criticism. 10 cutting edge young artists, 10 cutting edge young critics, and 10 intense exhibition days with a new show presenting one work of art and ten reviews opening up each morning. The aim was to create a kind of simulacra of an ideal art world in which all its components would be presented at its best: bravehearted artists diving into the waves of criticism, critics with variety of taste preferences and world views and – last but not least – an audience ready for a challenging exhibition experience. X x X x X.

By the time Artishok Biennale takes place for the third time its original mission is still valid. The reappearing myth about contemporary art made for the inner circle bearing art history specialist in mind as its model viewer can only be busted by a generation of bold and idiosyncratic writers who feel at home within the ever changing landscape of contemporary art. III Artishok Biennale will therefore continue the perfection of this beautiful and peculiar structure according to the original genetic code: when the year 2010 added X popular artist talks to the biennale – which resulted in AB² or X x X x X x X – then 2012 will add X biennale nominations in Artishok – AB³ or X x X x X x X x X.

Ten artists chosen by the will of ten critics in the spring are in front of you now in the autumn, opening day by day, micro exhibition by micro exhibition the biennale exposition on the three floors of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia, accompanied by a hundred art critical texts in Estonian and English. III Artishok Biennale lacks one curator, one artistic director and the central questions to be asked could be instead: How to curate pluralism? How to cross-breed art and democracy? How to serve aesthetics and politics concurrently?

While the first two biennales took place in city galleries, white cubes with symmetrical ground plans and smooth interiors, then this time we will occupy Contemporary Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia, which is essentially a squat, dysfunctional exhibition space with a challenging interior, but also a new museum ready for experiments and seeking new ways of institutionalizing.

Participating artists:

Art Allmägi (EST), Madis Katz (EST), Epp Kubu (EST), Andrus Lauringson (EST), Ats Parve (EST), Tanel Rander (EST), Triin Tamm (EST), Timo Toots (EST), Paco Ulman (EST), Anu Vahtra (EST).

Participating critics:

Saara Hacklin (FIN), Indrek Grigor (EST), Marian Kivila (EST), Mihkel Kunnus (EST), Oliver Laas (EST), Meelis Oidsalu (EST), Šelda Puķīte (LVA), Gregor Taul (EST), Annika Toots (EST), Triin Tulgiste (EST).

Opening of the biennale every day at 5 pm!


10.10 Epp Kubu

11.10 Paco Ulman

12.10 Triin Tamm

13.10 Timo Toots

14.10 Art Allmägi

15.10 Madis Katz

16.10 Ats Parve

17.10 Anu Vahtra

18.10 Tanel Rander

19.10 Andrus Lauringson

20.10 Finissage of the biennale and party

Artist x critic talk every day at 6 pm!


10.10 Epp Kubu x Rebeka Põldsam

11.10 Paco Ulman x Mihkel Kunnus

12.10 Triin Tamm x Margit Säde Lehni (in English)

13.10 Timo Toots x Oliver Laas (in English)

14.10 Art Allmägi x Marian Kivila

15.10 Madis Katz x Indrek Grigor

16.10 Ats Parve x Gregor Taul

17.10 Anu Vahtra x Saara Hacklin (in English)

18.10 Tanel Rander x Triin Tulgiste

19.10 Andrus Lauringson x Šelda Puķīte (in English)

20.10 Saara Hacklin`s lecture Divergencies of Perception. Merleau-Ponty and Contemporary art (in English)

Exhibitions are opened every day 5 pm – 9 pm. Free entrance! from 21st  – 28th of October during normal opening hours 1-7 pm.

Exhibition team:

Curator Liisa Kaljula

Graphic design Tuuli Aule, Jaan Evart

Design Neeme Külm

Texts Paul Emmet, Matthew Hyde, Merli Kirsimäe, Hendrik Koger, Kristiina Raud, Saskia Salakka, Keiu Virro

Supported by:

The Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia and Latvian Embassy in Tallinn


Liisa Kaljula

Curator of III Artishok Biennale


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