Alice Kask


The self-titled solo exhibition of Estonian painter Alice Kask assembles her earlier works and paintings that are produced especially for this exhibition into a cohesive spatial constellation.

Taking into account her consistent exhibition logic, the works presented in this exhibition have not been placed into a fixed thematic framework, but have been given an opportunity to speak, both individually and combined, without any external guides, in order to emphasise the unnamed coherence of her world of thought.

In the volume “Estonian Artists 3”, published already in 2008, art historian Anu Allas has written that when speaking about the works of Alice Kask, naturally the body, history (and the dialogue with art history), symbolism and reality, and even the influence of media images have been mentioned – but, despite this, none of the vocabularies used have seemed quite convincing or appropriate – rather, it seems that in addition to these models of interpretation, Kask’s pictures have also posed the challenge of creating completely different approaches to art.

Instead of having a curatorial concept, the exhibition places its emphasis on the spatially and visually structured exhibition design, developed by Tõnis Saadoja, which correlates with her artistic position.

The works that are exhibited here have been produced between 1998 and 2016 and are brought together from eighteen different private and public collections.

Exhibition design: Tõnis Saadoja

Graphic design: Mikk Heinsoo

Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, Ramirent Baltic AS, Draka Keila Cabels AS

Thanks to: Alexander Larionov, Anri Treifeldt, Ardo Ran Varres, Dénes Farkas, Dina & Janis Zuzans, Eesti Kunstimuuseum, Hendrik Kaljujärv, Ingomar Vihmar, Irina & Maris Vitols, Ivonna Veiherte, Karoliina Kõrgesaar, Kirill Tulin, Kristjan­ Thor Vähi, Lauri Lagle, Maarja Kask, Margus Punab, Merit Berzin, Olga Temnikova, Plado Art Services, Rain Tamm, Raul Andresson, Raivo Väliste, Sven Kaabel, Sven Pertens, Tallinna Keskraamatukogu (Kaie Holm), Tartu Kunstimuuseum, Tõnis Loorits, Valge Kuup (Jaana Jüris, Neeme Külm, Villem Säre)

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