3 February 2020

EKKM will continue its public activities in 2020

EKKM will continue its public activities in 2020
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Press release:


The Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) will continue its public activities in 2020.


The negotiations with the city of Tallinn and FDN Tallinn Creative Hub – the owners of our Põhja pst. 35 exhibition venue – have provided a solution to our problematic situation and we have come to an initial agreement concerning EKKM’s future activities in the building. As a result, our current aim is to open the venue’s 2020 exhibition season as previously scheduled – on 17 April with the duo-exhibition Hier Nicht by Jevgeni Zolotko and Uwe Schloen.


In order to open our season, all shortcomings indicated by the audit will have to be eliminated and general safety has to be guaranteed inside the venue. These requirements are the basis of an impending temporary lease agreement, and meeting them is the precondition for a new two-year lease, during which we also undertake to finalise the renovation plan and source funding for it. Only then can we start setting long-term objectives for the venue.


At present, we have begun with initial work on the building’s main deficiencies and started specifying further tasks. Meanwhile, we will also continue outlining the renovation plan as well as working with and preparing for the first exhibitions of the 2020 season. Although the official start of our season is scheduled for April, our first exhibition of the year opens already on 7 February in Brussels, in collaboration with Beursschouwburg. More information about Ingel Vaikla’s solo exhibition Shapes and Distances, curated by Laura Toots, can be found here.


We are filled with gratitude towards all the people and institutions who have encouraged and supported us. We would also like to thank the Ministry of Culture, the city of Tallinn and FDN Tallinn Creative Hub for the prompt and constructive discussions. EKKM will not disappear, is yet to be repaired, but will continue.


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