17 January 2017

EKKM 2016 / 2017

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The 2016 exhibition season of EKKM ended informally with the EHA (Dusk) party on December 16th and the 2017 exhibition season will start in the second half of April 2017. Information about the sporadic off-season program can be found via EKKM’s and its cafe’s (EKKMi Kohvik) Facebook page. Preparations for the new season have already begun.



*2017 exhibition season begins in the second half of April.

*Laura Toots ja Kirill Tulin join EKKM’s staff.

*Köler Prize becomes a biennially held event. Next one takes place in 2018 and the nominees will be announces in Spring 2017.

*2017 Exhibitions:

I exhibition: Dénes Farkas solo, curator Ingrid Ruudi (April)

II exhibition: Marten Esko & Johannes Säre – EKKM 10? What now? (June)

III exhibition: Evelyn Raudsepp – Gray hall vol. 2. (August)

IV exhibition: Laurence Rassel & Soledad Gutiérrez – Images in Conversation / Photomonth (September)

V exhibition: Kirill Tulin solo / Ground floor (November)


In 2016 EKKM managed to execute 8 projects in different formats

The beginning of 2016 marked the end of a successful touring-exhibition Kohatu with it’s final stop at Elva. The exhibition season was opened in April with Köler Prize 2016 in it’s usual format (Grand Prix: Laura Põld / Peoples Choise Award: Art Allmägi). Concurrently with Köler Prize, EKKM participated in the non-profit section of Art Brussels with Anu Vahtra’s installation 17,9°. The exhibition season carried on with three major exhibitions – semi-retrospective self-titled solo of painter Alice Kask, exhibition City Agents by Finnish curator Jussi Koitela and Pseudo curated by Marten Esko. The year ended with a gallery-scale solo show – Paul Kuimet’s Perpendicular – on the ground floor of the venue as an extension to the regular exhibition season. During the exhibition season a public-sea-space sculpture project Wave Cast in Concrete was started in collaboration with Neeme Külm, for which the decision by the Technical Regulatory Authority is yet to be announced.


2017 Exhibition Season

The program of EKKM’s 2017 exhibition season places it’s emphasis on performativity and dialogue, varying from environmentally imposed control mechanisms to the potential of human dialogue in the information society.

For the first time since 2011 the exhibition season does not start with the Köler Prize exhibition of nominees, because the next Köler Prize will take place in the spring of 2018. That means that the prize will become a biennially held event and the nominees of Köler Prize 2018 will be announced this spring. The exhibition of nominees will be biennially substituted with a solo-format, which aims to provide the artist with an opportunity to produce an internationally visible large-scale solo exhibition in collaboration with a curator and with a coinciding catalogue.


I exhibition (April)

The season of 2017 starts in late April with a major solo exhibition by Dénes Farkas that is curated by an architecture historian and critic Ingrid Ruudi. With the exhibition Farkas continues to cast doubt on the concept of truth by dealing with space as means for production of both truth and control.

II exhibition (June)

The second project of the season views the decade-long activities of EKKM as an institutional alternative and the potential future scenarios that derive from it, consisting of an exposition and of forms of discussion put together by Marten Esko and Johannes Säre.

III exhibition(August)

The third exhibition of the season is a project curated by Evelyn Raudsepp that departs from the concept of a gray hall, the meeting point of the white cube and the black box, which was put forth by her in the curatorial concept of the 5th Artishok Biennial, and approaches exhibition-making through performing arts.

IV exhibition (September)

The forth and the last full-house exhibition project of the 2017 season will take place in collaboration with Tallinn Photomonth for which Laurence Rassel and Soledad Gutíerrez curate a project based upon human dialogue and interactivity with a working title Images in Conversation. The project understands the exhibition space as a working space, not a display space, and makes no distinction between the Public Program and exhibited works.

V exhibition (November)

The fifth and final exhibition of the season is a ground floor solo project by Kirill Tulin that revolves around two ideas and their interconnections – that of autonomy and that of warming-up – taking its starting point from both the history of EKKM’s venue as a former annex to the Tallinn’s main heating plant and from the historical and contemporary complexities of the notion of autonomy.


Additions to Staff

In 2017 Marten Esko and Johannes Säre carry on as managing directors of EKKM and in addition Laura Toots and Kirill Tulin join the staff.

Laura Toots is an artist, a curator and a lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts, living and working in Tallinn. Toots has been an intern in WIELS, in Brussels, and in the education department of the Manifesta Foundation in Amsterdam. She has for the past two years taken part in the activities of Lugemik Publishing and is also the artistic director of the 2017 Tallinn Photomonth biennale.

Kirill Tulin is an interdisciplinary contemporary artist from Moscow, living and working in Tallinn, whose practise revolves primarily around institutional critique and virtuality. Tulin’s latest significant projects include a semi-virtual multi-chaptered project titled [ ] that took place in his home studio, in Kunsthalle Linz, in Konstanet and at the Estonian Photographic Art Fair.