31 May 2021

A video work of “A rescripted visit to EKKM’s collections” was launched

The opening project of the 2021 season at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) “A rescripted visit to EKKM’s collections” transformed the museum’s exhibition spaces into a repository of artworks and offered guided tours of its collections, conducted by the production platform Reskript (Maarin Mürk and Henri Hütt).


The tour has been recorded and created into a video work, which includes in addition to the documentation of the visit materials from EKKM’s archives and thoughts on EKKM’s collection by EKKM’s board, staff and artists represented in the collections.

Authors of the video work are Mikk-Mait Kivi and Emer Värk.


The video work will be added to the collection and is screened at EKKM’s café until the end of this season; as well as on Vimeo on this link: https://vimeo.com/557174995

Video is in Estonian with English subtitles.


As a result of “A rescripted visit to EKKM’s collections” EKKM got itself 185 new collection keepers, Reskript worked out suggestions how to restructure the classification of EKKM’s collections (“transactions”, “donations”, “deposits”), which new subcollections could be established and what could be the collecting principles of this unique museum in the future.


The project was also documented in a publication, in Estonian and English, featuring an extended script of the visit and transcripted video-portraits screened at the tours. The publication is available at the Museum Shop in the café.


Authors and tour guides: Henri Hütt and Maarin Mürk; graphic design: Jaan Evart; organising of storage and placement of artworks: Johannes Säre; video: Mikk-Mait Kivi and Emer Värk; project manager: Evelyn Raudsepp; co-production: Kanuti Gildi SAAL Special thanks: Siim Hiis, Marten Esko, Kaisa-Piia Pedajas, Annika Räim, e ̄lektron, Keiu Krikmann, Heneliis Notton.


Reskript is a production platform aiming to shift rituals and repetitive patterns in cultural life. Since 2019, co-producer of Reskript has been Kanuti Gildi SAAL.