EKKM (Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia) is a self-established non-profit initiative, that situates itself somewhere between official state-run institutions and artist-run-do-it-yourself venues. It is an unconventional concept of a contemporary art museum that works towards producing, exhibiting, collecting and popularizing local and international contemporary art while altering the prevailing working methods of established art institutions. It is a tool of self-establishment for younger generation artists, curators and art students. EKKM was founded by Anders Härm, Elin Kard, Neeme Külm and Marco Laimre. Since 2016 it is run by Marten Esko and Johannes Säre who joined the team in 2011.


EKKM operates from late 2006 as an ex-squat that has now legalized its premises in a previously abandoned office building of Tallinn’s former heating plant, right beside Kultuurikatel and Linnahall. EKKM has been producing exhibitons and collecting art from 2007 and since 2010 has established its regular exhibition season that takes place from April until November. In 2011 EKKM initiated its own contemporary art prize, the Köler Prize, that is accompanied by an exhibition of the nominees. From then on, it has become a constantly evolving area of creative initiative where 2013 marks the opening of Lugemik Bookshop alongside the exhibition porduction company Valge Kuup. Subsequently the student gallery ISFAG and project-space-like EKKM’s Café followed.


Põhja pst. 35, Tallinn, 10415

Open from April to December

Tue–Sun 12–7pm

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info@ekkm.ee / +372 53305449


EKKM is supported by:

Estonian Ministry of Culture

Cultural Endowment of Estonia



Marten Esko managing director +372 5143778

Johannes Säre managing director +372 56455651

Laura Toots curator / project manager

Kirill Tulin specialist


M. Esko, L. Toots, K. Tulin, J. Säre. (2018, photo: K. Õllek)



Anders Härm (founder)

Elin Kard (founder)

Johannes Säre (2015–)

Marco Laimre (founder)

Marten Esko (2015–)

Neeme Külm (founder)


A. Härm, M. Esko, J. Säre, E. Kard, M. Laimre, N. Külm. (2018, photo: K. Õllek)



Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor